How Chemical engineer find out the Chemical Substance (Solved in 3 simple steps) .

Chemical Substance
Chemistry is a very broad field. It is unique from other fields in term of its nature and importance. Chemistry deals with chemical substances, elements, compounds, ions, solutions, complexes, and other chemical commodities. We define chemical substance as a form of matter which posess constant chemical composition and also occupy characteristic properties. Chemical substance posess such a nature that it cannot be separated into components by using physical separation methods.
Chemical substances can exist in different forms. They can be chemical elements,chemical compounds, ions or alloys. Chemical substances often exists in pure form. Water is a pure chemical substance. Whether water is taken from a river or made in a laboratory, it has same properties and same ratio of hydrogen and oxygen. There are also substances which exists in pure form. The examples of these chemical substances are diamond, gold, table salt and refined sugar. Chemical substances also exists in three states of matter. They can change between these phases of matter by introducing changes in temperature or pressure.
Chemical reactions are also a way of transforming one chemical substance into another. Chemical substances are classified into different categories and classes. Chemical substances are divided into organic compounds and inorganic compounds. Organic compounds and inorganic compounds are different from each other. Their chemical and physical properties are different. Their molecular structures are different from each other. The chemistry of their reactions is different. Different types of chemical substances are widely used in industrial applications.
They are used in manufacturing of different type of consumer products, chemicals and other various products. Different chemicals are used in different ways. Some chemicals are used as catalysts. Some are used as inhibitors. Chemistry and structure of one molecule is different from the other. The chemical structure and chemical bonding is very important. Chemical bonding gives us information about chemical bonds possessed by a chemical substance. Chemical bonds are very important because they determine their physical and chemical properties. Chemical bonds are of different types. They can be ionic, covalent and coordinate covalent. The chemical substance in which ionic bond exist has different properties from that chemical substance which posess covalent bond.
Bonding changes the nature of chemical substance. There are various theories about chemical bonding. These theories include valence bond theory and molecular orbital theory. There are also other theories on chemical bonding. Chemical substance posess a definite atomic mass and atomic number. Atomic number and atomic mass also have significant importance. They are closely related with the properties of chemical substance. They also play a vital role in arrangement of chemical substances in periodic table.
Mixture is different from chemical substance. A mixture is a combination of two or more chemical substances. Mixtures basically consists of more than one chemical substance and they does not occupy a fixed composition. By using mechanical processes, mixtures can be separated into component substances. The examples of mixture includes butter, soil and wood.
Some important classes of chemical substance also exists. Polymers are important chemical compounds which are being significantly used in industrial processes. Their importance cannot be ignored. Polymers contain more than one chemical substance. They are basically macromolecules. Another class of chemical substance is known as halogen. Halogen includes elements like chlorine, fluorine and bromine. Some chemical substance are dangerous. For example, ammonia is a dangerous chemical. Some chemical substances are polluting the environment. Carbon dioxide, sulphur and nitric oxide are chemical substances which are spreading pollution. There are wide variety of chemical substances which have different uses and consequences.

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