How to create a Finance Chart in Number using table .

Making and maintaining your assets is a acceptable way to grounds where you're outlay your money, and also what opportunities are earning you a lot. Creating a finance interpret in Drawing can be tight at firstborn, but it's a picnic formerly you get the hang of it!
Surroundings up the Table
Give Book and opt the White guide.
Rename the Fare Argot to a fit interpret name. Allow your slang, the represent's propose, and the period.
"               Want to interchange the fount or type situation? Look at the Styling the Table portion (beneath).

Commencement adding aggregation to the line tower cells. Don't lose the associate, description, from/to, earnings, and costs.
"               The comrade shape should be the upright farthest to the leftmost.
"               You may pauperism to change the columns' widths as you add collection. Uncovering the honor (A, B, etc.) for the column you want to broaden or wither. Select that accolade's box and dawdle the urgency the desirable way.
"               To sub-divide a tubing (suchlike the earnings or costs one) you'll condition to add added cope row. Utter on any cell, go to the Table tab on the proper, hear the header options drop-down, and add other head row. Add a shape flat before or after one of the sub-divided columns. Superior the new cope vertical cell and the one with the book and merge them.
Dissever the appointment emblem. This lets you follow a see still you equivalent (for model, either Apr 17, 2014 or 4/17/14) and then re-formats the day to the nominal initialize.
"               Select all the stamp cells.
"               Go to the Cell tab and superior Appointment & Term for the aggregation formatting.
"               Set the appointment and measure formats according to your option.

Formatting the earnings or expenses columns.
"               Select all the cells for money assemblage.
"               Go to the Cadre tab.
"               Select the Presentness surroundings. Transfer the settings to your nowness write or preferences.
Remove any unnecessary columns. Selecting the cells, then decide Tableland > Delete Columns.

Add two note rows. Plosive on any radiophone, go to the Fare tab on the alter, and hear the annotation options drop-down.

Add up the costs and earnings into the gear footer upright. Superior the top footer radiophone of the earnings, then hit the Operate > Sum button. Do the unvaried for the costs cadre.

Reason your net advantage into the worst footer. See Intend the Disagreement Between Two Cells in Drawing to take how.

Reserve your record. Book commonly autosaves, but it's ever wagerer to know your touch regenerate. Use a descriptive enter enumerate, sooner including the unvaried assemblage as the chart's title.
Transcription Information

Reliever click on the cadre you impoverishment to change, then add in the collection.
"               Is a radiotelephone too clipped for all the accumulation you necessity to add? Adding a banknote on a room is smooth, right superior the cell and then clink the Scuttlebutt fasten moral the top of the app.

Styling the Fare

Commute the fount size. Superior the radiophone(s), go to the Radiophone tab, then magnify or diminish the fount filler.
Replace the font. Every typeface has a personality and can elucidate your book patch also making the fare fair and dinky.
"               Select the cell(s), go to the Cell tab, and select your new fount descent.
Alteration a radiophone's desktop coloring. You may requisite to livelihood it neutral, but you can be state if you donjon the book readable.
"               Select the radiotelephone.
"               Go to the Cell tab.
"               Click on the stuff board and select a alter.

Alteration the book's coloring!
"               Select the text.
"               Go to the Matter tab.
"               Click on the coloring scope and opt a vividness.
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