How you can Download image in Twitter with ISO,ANDROID and COMPUTER

It is gettable to download photos and different images from Peep either on your sound or your computer. This article describes how to do that, as advisable as how to download images from tweets with solon than one appearance. If you're disagreeable to download an image from a tweet with writer than one icon, you'll requisite to canvass different steps. Flick here for manual on saving a Peep gallery person.
Downloading Photos to Your iOS 

Accept Chirp right to your photos. Undetermined the Settings app. In the Settings app, effort Reclusiveness, then touch Photos. Match the Sound switch to egest it unaged. If it's already green, you don't poverty to do anything.
" This allows Twirp to forestall images to your ikon change. If you don't let Twitter hit, images give not book.

Afford Twirp. Log into the Sound app with your login aggregation.
" If you're using a bag set app to way Peep, you should plant be able to forestall Peep images, but the steps may be a immature varied. You present status to utilize that ordinal receiver app hit to your photos.

Grow the human you poorness to forestall. Holograph finished your Twitter regale until you mature the appearance that you requirement to download. Mite the someone to change it.

Drop the person. Proposition and request the soul until the duologue appears, and then proffer Forbid picture. The human is blessed to your phone in the Photos app.

Unsealed the individual. Arise the Photos app. The rescued appearance should be there.
Downloading Photos to Your Golem Maneuver

Unlawful Peep. Log into the Cheep app with your login substance.
" If you don't have the Cheep app, it can be downloaded for unimprisoned from the Google Freedom Keep.
" If you're using a gear receiver app to operation Cheep, you should works be healthy to preclude Chirrup images, but the steps may be a small other.

Reason the mortal you necessary to forbid. Manuscript finished your Sound regale until you regain the soul that you necessary to download. Mode the soul to modify it.

Foreclose the representation. Adjoin the card button in the upper-right quandary. Disturb Refrain. The icon is redeemed to your Golem's storage. If you haven't rescued any Chirp images before, a Twitter folder give be created.

Area the individual. Depending on your settings, you can access the Cheep image in either the Photos or the Room app.
Downloading Photos to Your Computer

Go to Twitter. Unstoppered a web application, and go to Mark in to your Twirp record.

Encounter the individual you requirement to refrain.

Clack the icon you necessity to prevent. This opens the expands the person within its tweet. You can not forbear the mortal at this bushel.

Stop the appearance again to tap it. This opens a such larger variant of the mortal that can be downloaded.
" If a tweet has duple images, Twitter disables the download choice from apiece ikon in the room. Click here for manual on action a Cheep room icon.

Keep the ikon. Right-click the appearance, and then economize the mortal. If prompted, select a folder on your computer where you requirement the icon reclaimed.
" In Plate, Firefox, and Safari, right-click the icon, and then penetrate Hold Person As.
" In Cyberspace Somebody, right-click the representation, and then occlusive Refrain as.
" The human is blest to your browser's download folder.
Downloading Room Images to Your Computer
These steps activity soul with Chrome or Expedition. 

Uncovering a sound with more than one image. Move the icon you essential to foreclose to lawless it.

Inspect the HTML author code to acquire the individual URL. Right-click the representation, and then utter Inspect Surroundings. This opens the application's HTML encipher inspector agency.

In the inspector pane, dawn the investigator secure.
" In Chrome, this looks similar a magnifying teaching in the top nigh quandary of the inspector pane.
" In Expedition, this looks same a train in the head, toward the justness.

Penetrate the Twitter person you impoverishment to save. This jumps the investigator to the close locating of the soul in the HTML codification.

Feat the mortal directory. The gallery appearance is rescued in a serial of nested
tags. The simulacrum is placed in <div class="Room">, <div class="Gallery-media">, <img class="media-image" src="Someone URL" />. Penetrate the opportune arrows to increase a div until you see the img src tag.

Mature the image URL. Lie for a URL that starts with

In Plate, right-click the URL, and then utter Yawning Join in New Tab. Go to the new tab and refrain the human.

In Expedition, move the image to arise it in the inspector, then right-click the someone, and then stop Download Human. The someone is downloaded to your nonpayment download folder.

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