How you can increase our Computer Speed through Microprocessor

What is microprocessor?

Digital computers were first time come into existence in 1940's. These computers were manufactured by using bulky relay and vacuum-tube switches. Relays were basically used because they mechanically limit speed. Vacuum tubes are not efficient devices. They have certain drawbacks. A massive power is used to operate the vacuum tube.
A significant amount of heat is dissipated by vacuum tubes. Transistor is invented by bell laboratories in 1947. Transistor replaced the vacuum tube because it has several advantages over transistor. Transistor is used as a computer switch. Transistor has smaller size, lower power consumption and also dissipates heat in low quantity. Switching speed of transistor is high and it is also highly reliable.
Microprocessor was produced first time in 1971. It was Intel 4004. Intel 4004 is basically developed for a calculator. It brings revolution at that time. Intel 4004 consists of 2300 transistors. These transistors are assembled on a 4-bit microprocessor. This microprocessor had capability to execute 60,000 operations per second.
The first 8-bit microprocessor was first time manufactured in1972. Intel 8008 was the first 8-bit microprocessor and it was used to run computer terminals. 33,000 transistors are present in Intel 8008. The first microprocessor which was fabricated for truly general purpose was Intel 8080. This was 8-bit microprocessor. It contains 4500 transistors and it could execute 200000 instructions per second.
Later on, improvements were made in this field. In 1989, 32-bit microprocessor was manufactured. This microprocessor consists of 1.2 million transistors and it had ability to execute 20 million instructions per second. The two factors are important to fabricate such high potential devices. These are device size and power dissipation.
 Devices with smaller sizes have faster switching speeds. Because of faster switching speeds the processor clock rates are high. Microprocessors are manufactured using those techniques which are used for manufacturing of other integrated circuits. The structure of microprocessor is very complex than other chips and the fabrication of microprocessor involve extremely precise techniques.
                                                                                                                          Manufacturing of microprocessor first of all involves the generation of an ultra-pure silicon substrate. The main components which are present in a typical microprocessor chip set are an instruction control unit, one or more functional units, one or more caches and a set of register. There are numerous functions through which we can classify the microprocessors.
 Microprocessors have different types. Different types which are most frequently used are as follows: Intel 4004, Intel 8008, Intel 8080, and Intel 8088, Intel 80286, Intel 80386, Intel 80486 and other different types. Microprocessor can also be called as Central Processing Unit (CPU). Microprocessor is the brain of a computer. Microprocessor is extensively used in different applications. Microprocessors are also used in combination.        
When they are used in combination, they are the backbone of data centers, communication products, super-computers and other digital devices. Modern microprocessors are fast as compared to older ones. Their execution power is high and fast. Their processing speed is high. There is a huge difference in their characteristics and specifications. Modern microprocessors are used in sophisticated applications. They are used in aviation, metrology and engineering.
They occupy less space and deliver superior performance. Microprocessors are manufactured in very critical conditions. They require cleanrooms for manufacturing. Cleanrooms are basically a manufacturing plant where microprocessors are manufactured. The dust in manufacturing plant is almost removed. It takes a long time. The air is almost pure. Dust destroys the overall process. Microprocessor is very valuable device. It is so necessary for different devices to perform their operations properly.

 The modern microprocessors support different features. Their execution power and processing speed is tremendous. They have ability to perform different tasks at a time. Microprocessors are used in traffic signals. Intel is the main manufacturer of microprocessor. Manufacturing of microprocessor demands neat and clean environment. The devices with latest microprocessors are fast, smart and genius. Microprocessors increase the efficiency of these devices.

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