How you can Pass Interview in Chemical Engineering job. Solved in 7 Questions

Interview in Chemical Engineering job

                      Seven interview questions from Chemical Engineers
Chemical engineering is known to be that engineering discipline which involves different chemical sciences. These chemical sciences include organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, environmental chemistry and industrial chemistry. When we see towards any branch of chemistry, then there is a large volume of useful and purposeful material available on that branch.
Chemical engineers are talented engineers. They have good and sound knowledge about industrial processes. They know about optimization of a particular process. They know that how to increase the production while maintaining the cost at low level. Interview can be taken from chemical engineers in different aspects. They can be asked about basic concepts of chemical engineering. One can ask them from process description, heat and mass transfer, chemical kinetics, chemical process modeling and other topics.
Before giving the interview, one should prepare himself in all aspects. The candidate should clear about all aspects, chemical terminologies and chemical related topics. Candidates have also an excellent grip on softwares which are used in chemical engineering. There are some questions which are basically asked by chemical engineers. Now we discuss these questions one by one.

1.  About Chemicals
Chemical engineers should have deep knowledge about chemicals. They should know that how can we use different chemicals for preparation of different products. They should know the physical and chemical properties of different chemicals and different chemical compounds. They should know about mixtures, solutions and complexes. They should aware of safety precautions while using chemicals.

2.  About Process
Chemical engineers should know and define the process in a fine way. They should clear about all facts of a particular process. In cement industry different processes like crushing, grinding and burning are being carried out. They should know what is crushing? How it is done? Which machines are used for crushing? Similarly, they should understand and clear about all processes.   

3.  About Heat Parameters
Heat is essential and vital parameter in chemical engineering. Heat can be used in different forms in chemical processes. Chemical engineer should clearly know what is heat? How it is used in different processes? On what factors it depends? They also know about analysis and balance of heat. They should also know that how can we recover heat in a process? They should know about properties of heat. Heat is such an important topic that interview panel must ask questions from heat.

4.  About Optimization
Optimization is an innovative and interesting field. Different processes and techniques are used for optimization. Optimization has many benefits and advantages. Chemical engineers can optimize the processes to save energy and lower the cost of products. They should know about optimization and different techniques which are being used for optimization. They should know how can we optimize the process?

5.  About Chemical reaction
Chemical reaction is very important in synthesis of different products. Without different chemical reactions, we cannot obtain that product which is required. Chemical engineers should clearly know about chemical reactions and their parameters. They should know which conditions are required for execution of different chemical reactions. They should have knowledge about different catalysts and their importance.

6.  About Chemical kinetics
Chemical kinetics deals with rates of different reactions. There are different factors which influences the rate of a reaction. Chemical engineers should know about these factors. They should know how can we determine the rate of a particular reaction? They should know about the order of a reaction. They should clear about role of catalyst in chemical kinetics.

7.  About Environment
Environment is very precious for us. It delivers many advantages to us in different forms. Without hygiene and good environment, the balance of nature cannot maintain. Different factors are polluting the environment. Chemical engineers should realize the importance of environment. They should know which factors are polluting the environment. They should know that how can we reduce the environmental pollution? They should aware about different poisonous gases and toxic compounds which have negative impact on environment. They should prepare themselves about environmental concerns.      
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