How you can Pass Interview in Mechanical Engineering job .Define in Seven easy steps .

 Seven Interview Questions asked by Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering is renowned engineering discipline. It is the backbone of almost any manufacturing industry. Many people love to mechanical engineering because there is inherent desire in them to become a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineering finds the extensive application in almost every industry. In manufacturing industry, there are many processes in which mechanical engineers are involved. These processes include welding, brazing, soldering, machining and other different processes.
Machining processes are present in large volume. There are different machines which are used for different purposes. Because of broadness of mechanical engineering, the mechanical engineer should prepare himself in all respects. Mechanical engineers should maintain excellent grip on mechanical design, mechanical analysis and computer aided machining, etc. The software skills are very important for an engineer in industrial environment. Now we discuss some questions which are frequently asked from mechanical engineers.

1.  About Material Strength
Materials are widely used in manufacturing of different things. In material strength, we study about material behavior. We study different properties of materials. Different questions on material strength are always asked from mechanical engineers. These questions include what is ductility? What is shear stress? What is Hooke’s law? Describe stress-strain curve, etc. To answer these questions, a mechanical engineer should prepare himself in strength of materials.

2.  About Fluid Mechanics
Fluid mechanics is the major subject which is being studied in mechanical engineering. In fluid mechanics we study different types of flows, turbo machines, fluid properties and basic concepts related to fluids. The interview jury asks from you different questions on fluid mechanics. They ask question what is viscosity? What is pump? Describe types of pump. What is internal flow? You will answer their questions when you will prepare yourself in fluid mechanics.

3.  About thermodynamics
Thermodynamics deals with heat and their conversion into different forms. Thermodynamics is also a major subject of mechanical engineering. In daily life, there are many places where thermodynamics and their principles are used. The questions that you will face from thermodynamics are like what is system? What is isothermal process? What is entropy? What is cycle? What is adiabatic process? When you will study thermodynamics deeply, then you will be able to answer these questions.

4.  About machine design
Machine is an important and fundamental subject of mechanical engineering. In machine design, we study about designing of different machine elements. These machine elements include keys, coupling, gears, shaft, bearings, and fly wheels. In interviews, mechanical engineers are engaged in questions like what is spur gear? What is bevel gear? What is general bearing? What is coupling? The proper designing of these machine elements are important for proper running of different machines.

5.  About Mechanical Design
Mechanical design is the backbone of any item which is manufactured from manufacturing industry. For example, we talk about bearing. Bearing is designed in some designing software. The design of bearing is properly calculated. Mechanical engineers are asked in interviews to draw different views of given drawing. They are also asked to draw the given drawing in software. So, it is the duty of mechanical engineers that they should have best grip on designing.

6.  About Mechanical analysis
After designing something, then we do analysis of that thing. Analysis is very important to check our design. Analysis tells us that whether our design will pass or fail. Analysis gives us different results. Mechanical engineers are asked about mechanical analysis. They are asked about different types of analysis. The panel asks that how can we start analysis? Different other questions are also asked on mechanical analysis.

7.  About CNC Machines
CNC machines are efficient machines. They save time and give high quality of machining. In CNC machines, basically a program is fed and they will run automatically. From CNC side, mechanical engineers are engaged in questions like how can we write program for a CNC machine? What is the purpose of this command? Mechanical engineers should be master in operation of CNC machines.

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