Top 5 Dangerous tips of Centrifugal Pumps.

Centrifugal Pumps

Pump is the machine or device which is used to increase the pressure of a fluid. Pump is used in many industries for different purposes. Pumps transport fluids like water, different chemicals and other fluids. Centrifugal pump is the main type of pumps. Most of the design of the pumps comes in the category of centrifugal pumps. Centrifugal pumps occupies about 85% design of pumps. The centrifugal pumps utilizes the centrifugal force to develop pressure and flow of the fluid by pulling the fluid towards the eye of the impeller and spinning the fluid and then pushing the fluid towards the outer edge of the pump's impeller. The pressure and flow of the fluid which is to be pumped can be controlled by size of impeller, material strength and speed of rotation.
Centrifugal pumps can be used in single stage or in multiple stages. Each stage has its own impeller. A large amount of pressure and required flow rate is developed when centrifugal pump is to be used in series. The use of pumps in series configuration or in parallel configuration depends on the fact that either you increase pressure or flow. Centrifugal pumps are to be launched in many configurations. Some of the configurations are jet pumps, sump pumps, switch pumps and utility pumps.

Volute and impeller are the two working and main parts of the Centrifugal pump. The function of impeller is to transmit kinetic energy to the fluid which is being pumped. The volute provides direction to the fluid and control the motion of the fluid which is to be pumped. Impeller is located at the center of the pump. Impeller has a series of curved vanes. Impeller is always immersed and completely covered in water. When impeller rotates, it enables the fluid surrounding it also rotates. This rotation delivers centrifugal force to the water particles and they move radially outward. As a result, rotational mechanical energy is transferred to the water. At this side of centrifugal pump, both pressure and kinetic energy will increase. At suction side of pump, water is getting displaced. As a result of this displacement, negative pressure will be induced on eye of centrifugal pump. This low pressure helps the pump to suck fresh water stream and this process continues. Impeller is fitted and present inside the casing. The benefit of presence of impeller inside the casing is that if the water is moving out it will be collected inside. The water will move in the direction of rotation of the impeller. In centrifugal pump enclosed impeller is used. Semi-open impeller and Open impeller are also used and their utility depend on application. Mechanical design of centrifugal pump is comprehensive and needs a lot of study. There are many parameters which effect the performance of centrifugal pump. Before designing a centrifugal pump, these all parameters are carefully designed and selected. The fluid nature also matters. When we want to pump a highly viscous fluid, some changes occur in the design of pump. So, the design of centrifugal pump will vary from fluid to fluid.
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