Top Natural Ways To Treat Tennis Elbow

Top Natural Ways To Treat Tennis Elbow
In this article, we would like to equip you with top natural ways to treat tennis elbow. Apparently, like its name, this ailment often happens to tennis or squash players. But not only racquet user, people who work or play by using their arm continually for a long time, also have the risk of enduring tennis elbow.

What Causes Tennis Elbow?
Lateral epicondylitis, the other name of tennis elbow, is caused by the repetitive activities of arm or wrist that leads to severe inflammation of the elbow area. In detail, this condition affects the tendons near your elbow, makes them swollen and irritated. Thus those tendons cannot do their functions well, as well as your arm is not able to move forward or backward easily. With an overworked elbow, you will feel sore around the outer part of elbow whenever you perform physical movement of your arm such as grip, twist or stretch. Tennis elbow commonly happens to the middle aged people, in particular ones are from 30 to 50 years old. Undeniably, this problem will affect your daily life, so you need to find some ideal solutions to get rid of it immediately. The sooner you treat it the better you will be.
What Are the Symptoms of Tennis Elbow?
The normal symptoms would be the difficulty in grasping or turning over, in addition to the shooting pain of the elbow when you try to grip, stretch the whole arm. Especially, the dominant arm usually suffers from tennis elbow because you are intended to use this arm more frequently. As you might know, the painful levels of this ailment are varied from one to another. With the mild one, you can deal with tennis elbow at home by using a few wonderful home remedies. But with the severe one, you had better go to see doctor for proper diagnosis. Other symptoms of tennis elbow can be:
     Unable to move or twist the arm
     The joint of elbow becomes abnormal, you can clearly realize the transformation of it
     The elbow area looks like a broken bone
Here are top natural ways to treat tennis elbow that are simple for you to follow and do them by yourself, so you can fight against this problem and improve the condition of your overall health.
1. Take a Rest
The first solution we want to show you is to take a good rest. Undoubtedly, the overload of physical movements without any break is the major reason why tennis elbow occurs. You should allow your arm to relax as well as to reduce the injury and stress, therefore, the healing process will be promoted. It means that you need to avoid hard activities, repetitive actions during the recovery period. Besides, you have to remember “Prevention is better than Cure”, a rest could help you to stay healthy, develop your muscles and keep tennis elbow away.
2. Ice Pack
Using ice pack to deal with tennis elbow is the simplest way you should consider. As tennis elbow is the problem related to pain and swelling, ice can ease the pain and decrease the inflammation. Furthermore, this home remedy also stops the conditions from becoming more serious. Alternatively, you may use a bag of frozen pea as well.
How to apply:
     Get some ice cubes and put them into a pack
     Let your elbow relax on a pillow
     Put the ice pack on the painful area
     Hold it there about 15 - 20 minutes until you feel better
     Apply this solution several times per day
3. Ginger
Ginger is well known for its powerful anti-inflammatory substance, hence it can help you decrease the pain and stimulate the recovery faster.
How to apply:
     Take some slices of ginger, put them into a pot of water and boil those slices up, wait for 5 minutes then take them out. Add some honey, consume a couple of times per day.
     Another option is to grate a fresh ginger, pour it into a cotton bag and soak the bag in warm water about 2 minutes. Take this bag out and wait for it to cool down. Finally, put it on the painful area for 10 minutes. Repeat the remedy about 2-3 times a day as needed.
4. Turmeric
With the amazing anti-inflammatory substance, turmeric is a great natural way to treat tennis elbow. Turmeric is popular for its good effect on pain and swelling. Moreover, turmeric is rich in antioxidant content that aids your body in eliminating the dangerous molecules and healing the injury.
How to apply:
     Take a cup of milk and pour some turmeric powder into it.
     Heat the liquid, then add a little honey to enhance the flavor.
     Drink the mixture 2 – 3 daily until there is improvement.
5. Contrast Hydrotherapy
The simpler term of this home remedy is hot cold therapy, as its name, this solution will combine the hot compress and cold compress to treat the tennis elbow. In fact, the hot temperature can promote the blood circulation, while the cold temperature can ease the pain and inflammation of your elbow joint.
How to apply:
     Get a hot pack of water and a cold pack of ice cubes
     Firstly, put the hot pack on the painful area about 5 minutes
     After that, change the hot pack for the cold pack quickly and also hold it there for 2 minutes
     Keep doing this placement at least 20 minutes
     Repeat several times a day until the bad condition goes away 

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